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Ready to Retrograde Kit

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This kit is separate from our monthly subscription boxes. You can view the monthly box plan options on our Subscribe page.

This special edition kit has a value of over $80 and requires a one time payment. Shipping is free to the U.S. ($15 to Canada, $25 International).

The next Mercury Retrograde runs August 12-September 5, but the post retrograde shadow period is until September 19th. This kit will still provide great tools for daily life after Mercury goes direct.

Each Ready to Retrograde Kit includes:

Ready to Retrograde Enamel Pin - $12 Value

Wear this pin as a reminder that you are totally ready to rock this retrograde and use it as a positive force for growth, grounding and reconnecting with your truth.

Red Abalone Shell + Sage Smudge Kit - $10 Value

Dispel negative energy and make room for healing vibes with this smudge kit. To honor the water element, use the shell as a bowl while burning the sage to cleanse your sacred space. You can learn about the history of smudging with abalone shells on our blog.

Amethyst Orgone Pyramid - $20.00 Value

Convert negativity into positive energy with this orgone pyramid made with amethyst and copper. Keep this close by during sleep or meditation to help neutralize energy from electrical devices. You can learn about the benefits of orgone on our blog.

Purple Frog Car Air Freshener - $6 Value

Hang this all natural lemongrass air freshener in your car or office to refresh the atmosphere and raise your vibration with the sweet scent of lemon.

Anima Mundi Herbals LUX Flower Essence - $11 Value

Take a few drops of LUX under your tongue or add to a beverage for enhanced psychic protection. This potent formula contains the flower and gem essences of black tourmaline, yarrow and ocotillo.

Goddess Provisions Raise Your Vibration Sticker - $6 Value

Decorate your car window, travel journal or laptop with this high vibe sticker to remind yourself to choose love and gratitude at every opportunity and around every turn.

Adoratherapy Joy Chakra Boost - $16 Value

This essential oil blend is made with gardenia, rose and jasmine floral essences and helps to balance the mind-body-spirit connection. Roll onto your pulse points and repeat the mantra "I Love."

Surprise Item - $??? Value

We're going to collaborate with the universe to tuck in a special surprise for you! This could be a candle, aromatherapy roll on, body care item, pin or tea. All of the possible options come from past monthly Goddess Provisions Boxes. We can't customize the surprise item, but it's likely to be exactly what you need.

This box will ship within 5-7 business days.