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Moon Goddess Box

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This Moon Goddess themed box was curated with items to keep you flowing in harmony with the phases of the moon! Each box includes:

Kate's Magik Moon Goddess Oil - $15 Value

Apply the sweet scent of dawn-blooming jasmine to your neck and wrist to increase your lust for life and release your worries.

Element Botanicals New Moon Spray - $7.50 Value

Spritz your body and sacred space with this rejuvenating New Moon blend of citrus, vanilla and black pepper essential oils.

Chakra Love Moon Necklace - $44 Value

Wear this handmade bronze crescent moon talisman to connect with and honor the moon throughout its cycle.

Fat and the Moon Bod Powder - $14 Value

Dust your body or hair with this Day Moon powder scented with clary sage and grapefruit essential oils to keep you feeling fresh and smooth.

Golden Moon Tea Organic Rooibos Tea - $3 Value

Sip this antioxidant rich and caffeine free herbal tea to enjoy its smooth flavor and allow your worries to wane with the moon.

Sacred Wood Essence Palo Santo - $4 Value

Burn this sacred wood throughout the phases of the moon to cleanse your aura and create space for manifesting.

Moonstone with Black Tourmaline - $4 Value

This stone harnesses the energy of the new moon and helps balance masculine and feminine energy. Rest it near your crown chakra to connect with the natural rhythms of life and your inner wisdom.

This box will ship within 5-7 business days.