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Crystal-Infused Organic Plant Dyed Oracle Mats

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These limited edition oracle mats are made with plant dyes in three beautiful colors: lavender clouds, indigo blue, and peachy rose. You can use these when working with The Sacred Self-Care Oracle, and they would also serve beautifully as a cloth to adorn your altar, hung as a tapestry, or even to adorn yourself with a scarf of headwrap.

The mat’s moon phase goddess design, illustrated by the oracle deck artist Tatiana Vedenkina, has been screen printed on 100% organic fabric with crystal-infused ink made with Selenite crystals.


Indigo blue, Dyed with Indigo leaves | Peach rose, Dyed with Mahogany leaf and Secang wood | Lavender clouds, Dyed with Indigo leaves and Secang wood

Design: Featuring goddesses to represent each moon phase, making it easy for you to pull a card to inspire a self-care ritual for each phase of the moon cycle.

  • Size: 55x55cm - big enough for an 8+ card spread
  • Material: 100% organic cotton and dyed using plant materials
  • Limited edition: Only 75 made in each ink color
  • Made in Bali, printed by Seed of Creation

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