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Lucid Dreaming Box

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Our Lucid Dreaming Box is packed with tools to help induce lucid dreaming so you can explore the healing potential of your dreamspace:

Magic of I Dream Journal - $20 Value

Practicing dream recall can help induce lucid dreaming. Keep this journal by your bed to record symbols, themes, and feelings of your dreams and to uncover powerful insights from your unconscious and the mythical realms.

Club Magic Hour Lucid Dreams Tea - $8.50 Value

Dreams allow us to process experiences and emotions from the day. Enjoy a nighttime tea ritual with this organic tulsi tea blend to wind down in preparation for some healing shuteye.

Access Our Eyes Dream Seed Eye Mask - $22 Value

Block out distractions and doze off to dreamland with this super-soft micro modal mask. The screen-printed design features gold ink infused with selenite crystal to aid in lucid dream states.

Luna Nectar Nocturne Magnesium Spray - $16.50 Value

This topical sleep support potion is made with magnesium, aloe vera, lavender and sweet orange essential oils. Spray onto your skin to relax your body and mind before climbing into bed.

Goddess Provisions Dream Pillow - $10 Value

Tuck this sachet made with organic linen and herbs of lavender and mugwort under your pillow to promote dream recall, vivid visions, prophetic sight and even astral travel while you snooze.

Hammered Moon Quartz - $4 Value

Program this crown chakra stone with your intention to become conscious while dreaming and place it on your nightstand or under your pillow as you drift off to sleep.

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