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Amethyst Aura Box

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Our Amethyst Aura Goddess Provisions Box is packed with items to help you embody the intuitive energy of amethyst:

Hiouchi Jewels Moon Phase Cuff Bracelet - $68 Value

Connect with the intuitive wisdom of amethyst and la luna. Wear this bracelet (with an amethyst gem as the full moon) to enhance receptivity, patience and trust in divine timing.

Wild Yonder Botanicals Bath Soak - $5 Value

This bath blend is made with amethyst charged salt, epsom salt, butterfly lavender essential oil, amber resin and organic jojoba. Add to a warm bath to soothe your spirit and purify your mind.

Goddess Provisions Crystals & Succulent Dry Bag - $22 Value

Whether venturing to the beach, river, lake, pool, or under misty skies, relax knowing your handheld valuables are protected against water in this adorable 2L dry bag.

Sticktak Fabric Stickers - $6 Value

Jazz up your jacket, backpack or laptop case with these mystical designs and declare your divine gifts and psychic powers. They’re easy to remove and reusable so you can find the perfect place to stick them.

Love by Luna x The Numinous Nail Polish - $18 Value

An exclusive crystal-infused polish that combines the protective and purifying qualities of amethyst and obsidian. Paint your nails with it to invoke deep introspection, clarity and tranquility.

Band of Weirdos Amethyst Pin - $10 Value

Amethyst energy activates the third eye and crown chakras for higher awareness and connection to the universe. Wear this glitter speckled enamel pin as a reminder that, just like crystals, you are made of stardust.

Inner Gaze Amethyst Pyramid - $11 Value

Meditate with this crystal on your third eye to purify your aura and promote mental clarity, tranquility, intuition, and connection to the divine.

This box will ship within 1-4 business days.