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Moon Wisdom Box

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Our Moon Wisdom Box is packed with items to inspire you to deepen your connection to the moon & your inner world.

Moon Aromatherapy Diffuser - $22 Value

A humidifier, nightlight and aromatherapy diffuser all-in-one. Place on your nightstand or desk as a reminder to align your daily activities with the moon phase.

Danica Moonrise Designer Dishtowel - $8 Value

Decorate your kitchen with these sweet moon faces and plan your next “Moon Eating” meal with locally grown herbs & produce harvested during the current moon phase.

Fierce Forward Crescent Moon Necklace - $37 Value

The Moon represents your inner world, especially intuition, dreams, and emotions. Wear this amulet close to your heart as a reminder of the deep wisdom that lies within.

Tub Tonics La Luna Geode Bath Bomb - $6 Value

Sink into a warm bath to release and surrender to the universal flow during the next waning gibbous moon. This bath bomb features healing minerals and is scented with calming chamomile essential oil.

Crafting Witch Lunar Witch Stickers - $5 Value

Adorn your dream journal, daily planner or mobile devices with these eco-friendly stickers made with 100% post-consumer paper that feature hand drawn illustrations to connect with la luna’s beauty and manifestation magic.

Moon Wisdom Crystals - $44 Value

Deepen your connection to the moon and its phases by working with this unique ritual and divination tool. Made from smoky quartz, this set of crystals will act as an anchor to help you align with each lunar phase, as well as offer wisdom and guidance for your deep questions.

This box will ship within 1-4 business days.