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Lightworker Box

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Our Lightworker Box is packed with products to help you shine your light everywhere you go. Each box includes the following items:

Goddess Provisions Organic Lightworker Socks - $14 Value

Made from organic cotton, these socks are meant to inspire you from your crown chakra all the way down to your toes. Spread your love & light with each step.

Ha'vanah Star Lightworker Altar Cloth by Access Our Eyes - $25 Value

This altar cloth features a lightcode channeled by Ha'vanah Star to awaken your inner flame, your soul’s gifts and purpose. It was screen printed by hand on eco-friendly micro modal fabric made from beech trees using crystal-infused Selenite ink. Place crystals or sacred objects on it to amplify your intentions.

Crystal Bar Soap Inner Light Bar - $8 Value

Refresh your mind, body and spirit with this cleansing peppermint soap that holds the treasure of an aura quartz inside. Get ready to welcome in fresh insights while using it to shower or bathe.

Heritage Store Rosewater - $3.50 Value

Clear your auric field and lift your vibe with a spritz of this rosewater made with vortexed H20. It’s so versatile, you can use it on your body, hair or in a bath.

Seed of Creation Ritual Lighter Case - $33 Value

Upgrade your ritual tools by adorning any regular size Bic lighter with this brass case that was handmade using the lost wax casting method. Each time you light a candle, incense, smudge or fire, take a sacred pause to connect with your inner flame.

Aquamarine - $4 Value

This crystal holds the energy of water, helping you stay in your flow. Work with it to tap into a calming vibe so you can see your path ahead with clarity.

Surprise item

The chocolate won't be included in this box because of shipping during the summer weather. Instead we're including a surprise item - you'll love it!

This box will ship within 1-4 business days with Free US shipping.