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Air Element Box

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Our Air Element Box is packed with products to help you feel elevated and in tune with the subtle realms of the Air Element.

Matr Boomie Fairtrade Wind Chime - $24 Value

This rustic bell was handmade with recycled metal by fair-trade Indian artisans to represent the element of air. Hang it outside your door, window or in your favorite natural sanctuary as a reminder that, like the divine, air is all around yet impossible to see.

Element Botanicals Air Aromatherapy - $9 Value

The air element is associated with the mind, the intellect, clarity, and positivity. Add a few drops of this essential oil blend featuring lemon, neroli and cardamom to your diffuser, facial steam, or mixed with a carrier oil for DIY skincare creations to clear your mind and welcome in positive thoughts.

Good Medicine Electric Sky Universal Elixir - $34 Value

The wind delivers messages and clues as to what will come. Sip on a warm cup of this herbal tea blend to awaken your senses and sit back to observe how the wind guides the clouds and the trees.

Hedge Witch Apothecary Wild is the Wind Tea - $8 Value

This flower essence carries the vibrational pattern of three bold blossoms including elephant tree, star tulip and Indian paintbrush. Take 3-4 drops on your tongue or in water to amplify your intuition and your confidence in following its wisdom.

Ibu Ayurveda Vata Body Oil - $16.50 Value

In Ayurveda, Vata is characterized by the mobile nature of wind energy. This blend of restorative herbs, grounding scents and citrine gem essence will help you to balance the dry nature of Vata season. Apply this hydrating oil all over your body, paying special attention to your joints.

Mystical Blossoms Breathe Inhaler - $7 Value

You are constantly interacting with air through the breath. Use this inhaler, made with invigorating essential oils, to open your sinuses for your breathwork practices. Simply place near your nostril and breathe in.

Smokey Quartz - $11 Value

This spiritual stone has a strong grounding effect that will keep you anchored to the earth while your heart and mind expand to reach the far corners of the Universe. Meditate with it and envision opening the windows of your heart and mind as a fresh breeze blows through.

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