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Fire of Transformation

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Our Fire of Transformation Box is packed with tools that can help you let go of limiting thoughts and beliefs so you can live your best life.:

Modern Mystic Shop Kali Ritual Kit - $15 Value

Goddess Kali is the embodiment of Mother Nature who honors death as a vital part of the miraculous cycle of life. Use this Kali fire ritual to burn away old emotional blocks and beliefs so that new life can flourish.

Pure Fire Tonic - $5 Value

Inspired by an ancient folk remedy, this spicy vegan tonic with a serious kick features 21 organic ingredients including apple cider vinegar, fruits, veggies, herbs, spices and mushroom extracts. Take directly or add to your favorite recipes to fire up your immune system.

Mala Prayer Necklace - $46 Value

It will be a surprise to see if you get the Sanskrit Bhakti design in silver, gold or rose gold, or if you get their Picture Jasper Sphatika Crystal Bar Necklace.

Adoratherapy Clear Away Spray - $20 Value

Fire allows for rapid transformation but when lighting a fire is not an option, mist this blend of refreshing and powerful essential oils overhead and all around you to clear away drama and transform your mood.

Sacred Elephant Incense - $8.50 Value

This incense combines the exhilarating scents of amber and saffron to create a perfect blend for invoking the Goddess Kali to free yourself from illusion. Turn your worries and limiting beliefs over to Spirit and let the smoke carry them away.

Fractalista Red Agate - $16 Value

Place this agate slice, laser etched with the image of Goddess Kali, on your altar or carry it with you to inspire transformation. Kali’s fiery passion for liberation can help dissolve the ego while the agate’s stabilizing energy will help you stay grounded during times of great change.

Red Jasper - $4 Value

This stone is known to spark kundalini to rise through the chakras, infusing life force energy throughout the body. It’s cleansing effect clears out negativity making it a beautiful mood enhancer.

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