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Summer Solstice Box

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Our Summer Solstice Box is with products to supercharge your season of sunlight with radiance and intention.:

Magic of I 6-Month Planner - $25 Value

Use this powerful tool to sync your schedule with the energy of the cosmos. Reference the sun and moon cycles along with other astrological aspects to supercharge your intention-setting practices and optimize your plans.

Flying Wish Paper Wish Kit - $5 Value

Because of its association with the sun, many ancestral belief systems honor the Summer Solstice with fire. Use this delightful fire ritual to let go of the past, set intentions and welcome new possibilities. Write it, light it and then watch it fly!

Charged Amazonite Bracelet - $25 Value

This gemstone bracelet has been energetically charged by spiritual vortexes in Sedona, Arizona. Wear it to boost feelings of balance, stability and inner peace, especially when taking on new challenges.

Teapigs UpBeet Tea - $2.50 Value

The Summer Solstice is universally celebrated in community with feasts, bonfires, picnics and song. Share a cup of this uplifting tea blend of beets, spice and hibiscus with a loved one to honor our life-giving sun and this very auspicious time of year.

Zatik Naturals Solar Mineral Sunscreen - $32 Value

Enjoy the longest days of the year outside knowing your skin is well cared for with this vitamin and mineral-based solar protection.

Pacifica Energized Glow Face Mask - $4 Value

After a long day in the sun, refresh and revitalize your skin with some of your favorite summer ingredients including turmeric, watermelon, green tea and pomegranate extracts.

Orange Calcite - $4 Value