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Ancient Egyptian Wisdom Box

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Our Ancient Egyptian Wisdom Box is packed with items inspired by the wisdom of ancient Egypt.:

Hiouchi Jewels Turquoise Necklace - $38 Value

Adorn yourself with the protective touch of turquoise, a stone traditionally used in the jewelry of Egyptian royalty. Wear this necklace as a reminder of your power and poise. You are a queen!

Spirit Element Body Oil - $9 Value

Massage this oil blend, featuring jasmine, mandarin and copaiba balsam essential oils, into your skin and add a few drops to a candle or bath to invoke the spirit of a desert sunrise.

New Moon Tea Co Loose Leaf Tea - $10 Value

This soothing and delicious herbal tea blend features chamomile, spearmint, licorice and hibiscus. Pour a cup and enjoy in celebration of your divinity.

Coal Miner's Daughter Sugar Scrub - $19 Value

Treat yourself to an exfoliation ritual with high-vibe ingredients like the cherished nymphaea blue lotus flower, coveted in Egyptian history as a symbol of purity, rebirth and the Universe itself. Apply and enjoy the beautiful scent of Egyptian myrrh, frankincense, mandarin orange & bergamot.

Access Our Eyes Scarab Altar Cloth - $22 Value

This altar cloth uses crystal-infused selenite ink on eco-friendly fabric to portray the sacred scarab, an Egyptian symbol of immortality, resurrection, transformation and protection.

Shire Post Mint Coin - $10 Value

Flip this copper coin when you need some guidance. One side features the Egyptian Goddess Isis and full moon, representing lunar power, the goddess, and our shadow side. The reverse features the Winged Serpent Sun and Seed of Life, representing divinity, creation and power.

Pacifica Rose Quartz Masks - $8 Value

The Ancient Egyptians used crystals for protection and health, as well as for cosmetic purposes. This modern twist on an ancient tradition is a fun way to nourish your skin and refresh your radiant glow.

Lapis Lazuli - $5 Value

Meditate with this royal stone and open your third eye chakra to gain insight about your divine purpose from the spiritual realm. It was traditionally used in Egyptian jewelry and as a pigment in makeup and textiles.

This box will ship within 1-4 business days.