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Cosmic Connection Box

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Our Cosmic Connection Box is packed with celestial goodies to help you tune into the magnificence of the universe:

DreamyMoons Pillow Case - $29 Value

Bring your connection to the cosmos indoors with this cozy pillow cover.

Crystal Bar Soap Citrus Comet - $8 Value

Let the magnificence of the universe wash over you while bathing with this handmade vegan soap bar. It’s scented with orange essential oils and has a carnelian stone floating inside.

Coal Miner's Daughter Cosmic Dust Spray - $22 Value

Smell out-of-this-world-good when you spritz this blend of beneficial botanical oils, flowers and essential oils onto your hair and skin.

Wei of Chocolate - $12 Value

Dark chocolate blended with the perfect amount of cocoa butter and cocoa beans, while vibrational flower essences work behind the scenes to balance body and mind! It's cosmic.

Technician of the Sacred Crystal Sphere Stand - $22 Value

Assemble your wooden crystal sphere stand and place your amethyst sphere in the middle of the “Dance of Venus” pattern, a visual representation of the path created as Venus and Earth orbit around the sun.

Amethyst Sphere - $11 Value

This crystal orb radiates calm, protective and cleansing energy in all directions at the same time. Gaze into the center to connect with the oneness of all things and boost your intuition.

Digital Bonus: 2019 Astro Guide - $20 Value

Get insight into the astrological energies of 2019 so you can navigate your career, love-life, health, wellbeing and more with clarity, confidence, and courage.

This box will ship within 1-4 business days.