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Our Crystal Wisdom Box has been curated with tools to help you live the mantra: “I’m tapped into the divine wisdom of the crystal beings.”

Please Note: We're including a Crystal Massage Wand and Flower of Life Crystal Grid instead of the Rose Quartz Facial Roller and Wooden Crystal Grid that were part of the December Box.

The7Directions Crystal Grid - $20 Value

Activate and enhance the energy of your crystals by placing them on this crystal grid mat that features the Flower of Life sacred geometrical pattern. Learn how to use a crystal grid at goddessprovisions.com/crystalgrid

Life Flower Care Bath Bomb - $9 Value

Soak in unconditional love with this gorgeous bath bomb that’s made with grapefruit essential oil, herbs of hibiscus and sage & topped with a rose quartz crystal.

SkinOwl Rose Quartz Illuminator - $30 Value

Apply this blend of nourishing plant oils, scented with vanilla, onto your skin for a radiant Rose Quartz glow and to enhance feelings of peace & self-love.

Love & Light School Crystal Grid Oracle Deck - $19 Value

Open to messages, insights, and guidance from your crystal allies with these oracle cards featuring 48 crystal grids and themes.

Fine & Raw Chocolate Bar - $5 Value

You’ll feel as those you’re alchemizing into a crystal yourself when you taste this dark yet creamy vegan chocolate bar.‎

Crystal Rose Amethyst Orgone Wand - $18 Value

Use this resin wand filled with rose quartz, amethyst and crystal quartz to massage your metaphysical or physical body. It can be used for ritual practices, reiki or as an altar offering. It’s also a great tool for applying pressure when lovingly massaging your feet, hands neck, shoulders or back.

This box will ship within 1-4 business days.