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Animal Guides Box

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Our Animal Guides Box is packed with items to help you connect with wild wisdom from your animal guides:

Jessica Swift Animal Allies Oracle - $23 Value

Tune into the wise and gentle guidance that is available to you through animal messengers with these beautiful oracle cards.

Sacred Elephant Incense - $8.50 Value

Burn this handcrafted myrrh incense while meditating on your inner strength and your ability to overcome obstacles.

Rootfoot Intentional Wear Spirit Animal Bear Roll-On - $28 Value

This pure plant fragrance is made with grounding essential oils of vetiver, pine, and sandalwood. Roll onto your pulse points to invoke the introspective spirit of the bear.

Llewellyn’s Little Book of Spirit Animals - $13 Value

Use this book to lookup the animals you come across each day or in the dream world to learn about the wisdom and energy they have to share with you.

Fractalista Designs Palo Santo - $4 Value

Burn this sacred wood to cleanse your aura so you can get a birds eye view on life and open to divine guidance on which direction to fly next.

WildSliceDesigns Bison Sticker - $5 Value

Stick this artwork on your water bottle, laptop or car as a reminder to connect with your wild side.‎

Peacock Ore - $6 Value

Known as the stone of happiness, this crystal infuses positivity into spiritual pursuits of understanding intuition, dreaming, ancient wisdom and transformation.

This box will ship within 1-4 business days.