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Third Eye Chakra Box

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Boxes are packed in kraft paper cardboard boxes with recycled paper stuffing to keep your magical goods protected. Our fancy black boxes as pictured here are coming soon.

This box was curated around the theme of tapping into your intuition, working with the third eye chakra.

Each box includes:

Buddha Teas Third Eye Chakra Tea - 18 Tea Bags - $10.99 Value
Herbal tea blend of eyebright, jasmine, spearmint, star anise and passion flower infused with sapphire, a source of hope and mental clarity.

Balanced Guru Energy Mist in Intuition - $10 Value
An energy mist that combines palmarosa, rosemary, lavender, lemon, roman chamomile and pine to boost your intuition, insight and imagination.

Blueberry Lotus Raw White Chocolate - $4.95 Value
Raw white chocolate is infused with blueberries and the rare Blue Lotus flower, which is know to be an aphrodisiac and meditation aid.

Meow Meow Tweet Repair Balm - $18 Value
A soothing repair balm that can be used on hands, feet, cuticles, tattoos, lips and even hair.

Pura Botanica Candle in Mix of Scents - $13 Value
Soy wax candles infused with natural essential oils, perfect for lighting during your meditation or a relaxing bath.

Amethyst Point from Vera Cruz, Mexico - $5 Value
This amethyst was mined over 20 years ago and stored in a special reserve. Meditate with it on your Third Eye Chakra to help develop your intuition and connect with your guides.

This box will ship within 5-7 business days.