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Moon Wisdom Membership | Cosmic downloads for Galactic Goddesses

Harness the power of the Moon’s cycle to manifest your deepest desires.

Receive the guidance, rituals, inspiration and support you need to sync with the Moon and tune in with the astrological influences each month.

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This is for goddesses who
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☾ Sync with the Moon’s cycle to maximize manifestation powers

☾ Experience New Moon & Full Moon rituals each month

☾ Learn more about the Moon's cycles, astrology, herbalism, goddess archetype, crystals & more

☾ Keep self-care top-of-mind

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$ 9 / Month

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$ 99 / Year

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Sign up by October 31 to receive our cosmic download for the Full Moon in Taurus.


What’s Included

✔ 25+ page guide to the current astrological season

✔ Ritual instructions for both the New & Full Moons

✔ Two audio meditations, one for the New Moon & Full Moon (10+ min each)

✔ Our Introductory Guide to Moon Phases & Rituals

✔ Monthly special offers on Goddess Provisions products only available to Members

✔ A guide to Cycle Tracking + monthly cycle tracking sheets

✔ Access to our library of past monthly guidebooks (12+) and meditations (20+)

✔ 2 yoga sequence videos, one for the Full Moon & New Moon

✔ 2 guided breathwork sessions, one for the Full Moon & New Moon

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Moon Wisdom Reports

Digital PDFs packed with with guidance, inspiration, rituals & journal prompts.

☾ New Moon and Full Moon energy reports

☾ Ritual guidance and inspiration

☾ Updates on significant astrological transits, and how they affect the collective

☾ Affirmations designed to help you stay in alignment to the cosmic energy all month long

☾ Information about plant allies and what they can do to help support you in the astrological season

☾ Suggested crystals to help amplify and ground the energy of the current cycle

☾ An introduction to a different Goddess archetypes who embodies the themes of the current astrology

☾ Journal prompts to help you reflect on and integrate

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Inspiring meditations that will take you on a deep journey of self-inquiry and growth.

☾ Two audio meditations per month, one for the Full Moon and New Moon

☾ Learn about the astrological influences of the New Moon and Full Moon

☾ You’ll be guided every step of the way and hear calming, ambient music in the background

☾ Listen from your phone or computer

☾ 2 yoga sequence videos, one for the Full Moon & New Moon

☾ 2 guided breathwork sessions, one for the Full Moon & New Moon




Inspiring Wallpaper

Beautiful images to keep the astrological influences top of mind.

☾ Exclusive designs made just for Moon Wisdom Members

☾ Three or more design options to choose from every month

☾ Use them on your phone and or your desktop


Sneak Peek

Here is an excerpt from our Scorpio Season guidebook, where you can see an example of some of the content included in each seasonal guidebook.

Free Audio Meditation

Listen to this guided audio meditation to get a sense of the audio rituals you’ll receive for each Full Moon and New Moon.

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How it Works

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Your subscription will renew each month / year on the same day you signed up. You can cancel your subscription any time, just make sure it’s before your next billing. Once you cancel, you'll lose access to the archive of content so be sure to download anything you'd like to keep before you cancel.

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What's Next

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Once you sign up, you'll get immediate access to the Moon Wisdom Membership database of past and present guidebooks, meditations and wallpapers. We’ll send you an email reminder before the New Moon & Full Moon with a link to the digital package of goodies for the month.

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